Research and Development Project “BRAVE”

In addition to the UnrealEngine 5 R&D Project “RAIZIN,” which was also exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show, Eighting is also conducting various other R&D projects.
In this issue, we would like to introduce “BRAVE”, a technology verification project for up to 64-player close-quarters battle royale.

Verification of multiplayer communication battles

In recent years, as esports has become more popular, requests to develop games with competitive elements have increased.
Our company has a lot of experience in developing two-player online fighting games, such as competitive fighting games, but we still have a limited track record of battle royale and team cooperative play online fighting games where a large number of characters fight together.
Therefore, we decided to create a mock-up that can actually be played in order to verify the technology of the multiplayer communication battle action game.

Although it is a battle royale type game, by making it a melee action battle, which is our specialty, rather than a typical shooting game, we are making use of our strengths while also differentiating ourselves from other titles.

The development environment is Unity and the server is Amazon GameLift.

Completed mock and research results

The following are the parts of the mock-up that were the subject of the study in addition to the contents and particulars of the mock-up.

Communication matches for up to 64 players

We made it possible a variety of battle setups, such as a 64-player battle royale, 2 x 32 teams, or 4 x 16 teams.
In order to realize 64-player matches, we have devised various processing techniques.
We are working on various aspects, such as LOD of character models and items, various culling processes, and slowing down the frequency of motion updates for distant characters.


Cross-platform battles on various hardware

In addition, cross-platform play is possible on PCs, various consumer hardware, and smartphones.
Because there are differences in specs depending on the hardware, we have made adjustments to the quality of graphics displayed on each platform and simplified processing, but we have also taken measures to ensure that the game itself does not feel any different depending on the hardware.

Basic system for fighting action and battle royale

We also implement the basics of fighting action games, such as aerial combos, guards, and super armor, as well as the basics of battle royale games, such as items and storms (damage areas).
By incorporating elements of fighting action into a battle royale game, the tactics are refreshing and not found in shooting games.
It’s not just the battle on the field that determines which route to take, but also the one-on-one battles that are exciting.
Because the game does not rely on the Aim ability, which is important in shooting games, it is easy for light users to pick up and has the depth of a fighting game-like tactical game.

Spectator mode

In order to provide live commentary in esports, a spectator mode that allows you to watch from various perspectives is important.
BRAVE’s spectator mode allows you to watch battles not only from the player’s perspective, but also from a bird’s-eye view from a fixed point on the stage.


Future Research and Development

Until now, Eighting has announced two research and development projects with different approaches: Project “RAIZIN” and Project “BRAVE”.
Other research and development is still ongoing to improve development capabilities.
We hope to utilize the technologies we have verified in projects currently under development, as well as in the launch of new projects.
If you are interested in Eighting’s development, please contact us for both development requests and employment.

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